Table of Contents

General Resources

provides services so children and adults with disabilities have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play.

Waypoint’s Mission is to help youth and adults with disabilities discover their purpose, talents and strengths through the transforming power of adventure.
empowers young people with disabilities to reach their personal, educational and career goals by providing high quality one-to-one and group mentoring programs.
From UMass Medical School’s Lamar Soutter Library – Helps healthcare professionals and caregivers better understand and advocate; be aware of support systems, and be informed of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and school issues.

How to Apply for Section 8 when turning 18 (MA)

Parenting Tips, Treatments, and Services

from has many useful resources.
Aspire specializes in helping children, teens and adults on the autism spectrum achieve success.

Education through High School

from U.S. Dept. of Education

about the rights of public elementary and secondary students with hearing, vision or speech disabilities to effective communication.
Pop-Up Tool: Resolving Parent-School Disputes

Transition – from High School to College or Work
MA Rehabilitation Commission

by Autism Speaks! – This guide assists families on the journey from adolescence to adulthood.

defines the steps needed for a successful transition.

Empowering People for Inclusive Communities (EPIC) prepares young people with disabilities to be actively engaged community leaders through education, leadership development and community service.

Transition to College

Applying, Visiting Colleges, and Choosing a College

website about learning disabilities and adhd

from the University of Washington. The resources include deciding what to study, where and how to apply, and how to fund an education, among many other helpful topics.

Think College is a national organization dedicated to developing, expanding, and improving inclusive higher education options for people with intellectual disability.
includes details about the obligations of a post-secondary school to provide academic adjustments, including auxiliary aids and services, to ensure the school does not discriminate on the basis of disability. by The Office for Civil Rights within the U.S. Department of Education

from Affordable Colleges Online
From Guide to Online Schools

Transition to Work

The Massachusetts Partnership for Transition to Employment (MPTE) is a systems-change project of the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services. The project is designed to improve employment outcomes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities transitioning from school to adult life.

For Parents

for parents of children with visual impairments.

A Toolkit for Parents with Disabilities from the National Council on Disability

parent-to-parent support, information and referral services, and workshops in caring for children with special needs.

parents and parent organizations work together for children with special needs and families. Organized in 1975 as a coalition of parent groups representing children with a variety of disabilities, the Federation offers workshops and training, advocacy and resources to parents of children with special needs and the professionals who serve them.

(PPAL) is a MA organization that promotes a strong voice for families of children and adolescents with mental health needs. PPAL advocates for supports, treatment and policies that enable families to live in their communities.

is by the Boston Bar Association with support from Children’s Hospital to help parents in Massachusetts find the child mental health services and resources their children need.