ADA National Network guide

  • – The definition of a service animal is a dog that has been trained to assist a person with a disability in completing tasks that are directly related to their disability. The ADA National Network guide explains that emotional support, therapy, comfort or companion animals aren’t considered service animals and aren’t protected under the ADA.
  • – The Service Animal Resource Hub has nine different sections addressing specific issues related to service animals.

From Department of Justice – Service Animals and the ADA

Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals

Other Resources
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Jini and her service dog, Rue
Jini, our former Director of Services, traveled to California to get her guide dog, Rue. Jini and Rue spent about two weeks training together. If you see Jini and Rue, please remember that Rue is working, and should not be distracted. Proper people behavior around service dogs is to ignore them, unless the owner says otherwise. But, you can certainly admire Rue; she is adorable!