Housing Search Workshop

The 2 hour Housing Search Workshop is designed to provide information and assistance with the process of applying for subsidized housing in Massachusetts. The workshop covers the applications one might fill out, and various resources available in the housing search.

We focus on the DHCD Universal Standard application. The DHCD Universal Standard app must be accepted by every Housing Authority in Massachusetts, and it asks for the same information that most other housing applications require.

There is plenty of time during the workshop so that participants can ask questions, fill out their applications, and receive immediate feedback on the completeness of their applications.

Any individual with a disability seeking housing in or around the MetroWest region, and currently residing in the MetroWest region, is encouraged to attend.

Space at each workshop is limited. You MUST register with Steven Blea to attend.
Call Steven at 508-875-7853 X 137, or email him at