demonstrators - signs say Hospitals can never be Home Sweet Home

Since 2015, Transition has been recognized by the Administration for Community Living as a fifth core service. At MWCIL, we have always supplied transition services as we move consumers from institutions to the community, as we work with youths transitioning to adulthood, and as we aid consumers living with changing disabilities to maintain their independence.

Nursing Home Transitions are arguably our most important services.  Independent Living began with the battle to escape institutions for a life in the community.  For a person who has been in an institution for awhile, the move to one’s own home can seem daunting.  The tasks of finding accessible and affordable housing, determining and setting up services, budgeting, planning meals, etc.  take time and effort, but the Transition Coordinators at MWCIL will ensure that your transition is successful.  No one deserves to live in an institution.

The Money Follows the Person Demonstration has eased more than 1200 transitions with additional services and supports.  This important demonstration ends in December 2017.

To qualify for the MFP Demonstration an individual must:  Currently live in a nursing facility, chronic disease or rehabilitation hospital (including a public health hospital), intermediate care facility for people with intellectual disabilities, or certain psychiatric hospital settings, for at least 90 consecutive days, excluding Medicare rehabilitation days.

Our other key transition is the Transition to Adulthood Program for youth.