July 1, 2021 Sue Rorke

ADAPT has been very busy with advocacy and protests, nationwide. Here is a short list of what is in their Summer Newsletter!

  • New York’s ADAPT Capital Region observed a Disability Day of Mourning.
  • Downstate New York ADAPT has been working on transportation, Medicaid/CDPAP regarding a new policy for home care, support of the For the People Act HR1 / HS1, and engaging with candidates to ensure all events and information is fully accessible.
  • Georgia ADAPT is working on voting rights which can be read about in their press release on the voting rights of people with disabilities.
  • In addition to voting rights, Gulf Coast ADAPT and ADAPT of Texas are working on disability justice and nursing home transparency.
  • Mass ADAPT is working to improve disability rights.
  • ADAPT of Texas are aggressively rallying and advocating for voting rights.