Staff in 2020

The staff at MWCIL are experts on the available services, skills and advocacy  needed to support and promote independent living. Most have personal experience with disabilities, and understand the challenges that people with disabilities might encounter. Counselors and Coordinators work one-on-one so that consumers have all the information they need to make their own best choices. Independent Living Coordinators work on long term goals. Options Counselors work on a short term basis to provide support and information so that individuals can remain in the community.

“Your people at the CIL must come to understand that their job is to provide Permission, Encouragement and Support. That is it. No less and no more. They can do it. Each is capable. But they gotta wanna.” —Roland Sykes, 2004



Rose and Governor Patrick

Rose Quinn, Acting Director

Rose is the Acting Executive Director, as of October, 2022. Rose has worked at the center since 1991, making her ...
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David Correia

David Correia – Advocacy Director

In his role as Director of Advocacy, David focuses on networking, collaboration and education. He works with legislators and others ...
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Danya DelMonaco – Director of Services

As the Director of Services, Danya’s primary responsibility is supervising all of the direct service staff. In addition she meets ...
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Elizabeth DelValle – Options Counselor

As an Options Counselor, Elizabeth educates older adults and persons with disabilities to understand the type and range of community-based ...
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Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson – Independent Living Coordinator

Dan started as an IL Coordinator at MWCIL in January 2019. Dan's prior professional experience includes working with and advocating ...
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Lou Keating

Louis Keating – Independent Living Coordinator

Lou started at MWCIL in February 2019 as a IL Coordinator. Prior to coming to Metro West Lou worked as ...
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Brittney Trifero – Independent Living Coordinator

Brittney joined the MWCIL team in 2022. She has an earned Bachelor’s of Arts in English and her prior professional ...
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Sue and camera

Sue Rorke – Information and Social Networking Specialist

As Information Specialist, Sue works on the websites, the newsletter, and printed materials such as the annual report and gala ...
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Wini McGraw – Executive Assistant

Information not available at this time ...
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